reasons why periods suck


  • u get horny over fucking everything
  • blood
  • you fucking ruin your panties
  • fuck
  • what the hell
  • people just fucking stop
  • this list is fucking awful

5 Seconds of Summer pose for photos at the signing of their new album release at HMV on June 30th, 2014.


you’re not a monster, you’re a werewolf, like me.

September 1st ‘12



*dies trying to hit the high notes in Chandelier*

Calum at Sirius XM

"You a turkey guy?"

He’s pure LIGHT. Pure light and charisma.The way he looks at the people he’s talking to, the way he answers a question whilst smiling and with that well-known glint in his eyes, it makes me fucking weak. It’s so confident and hot.